A certain kind of crazy

In a matter of hours, I will walk out on the only professional industry I’ve ever known as a working adult.  Television broadcasting, the career I dove into in college, that took me to newsrooms across the country and to an active combat zone in Afghanistan, will become an object in the rearview mirror.  Along with the steady paycheck that comes with. Continue reading

Five cameras for less than two minutes

We take it for granted when watching live events just how much work goes into making every shot look effortless and seamless.  A sporting event, wedding or awards show has multiple cameras running simultaneously to capture everything and allow the video edits to run together properly.

It’s completely different from producing a non-live event, where you can go back and re-shoot scenes or interviews.  In most situations, the pressure is off to get everything right on the first try.

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Putting forward his best

Playing a sport in college is hard.  Most people not connected to a young athlete or their family will never realize just how difficult it is, to be good enough in high school to get looks from college coaches.  Not the top Division I teams, or even the mid-major schools.  Those programs are reserved for the elite athletes in not just a town, but an entire region.

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“The best part of my day, every day”

There was no way to know what feeling to expect from my first meeting with David Saville.  I’d heard about him, seen some of the extensive media coverage on him and the remarkable path he’d followed to Clemson University stardom.  But you have to see these kinds of things for yourself before you can honestly understand or relate to them.

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For the love of our National Pastime

Baseball is a beautiful game.  Perhaps the most beautiful of any out there, in this writer’s humble opinion.  It has stood the test of time, still played more or less the same as it was in 1850, yet continually attracting the best young talent from across three continents.  When you love the game and play it at a high level, it’s the kind of thing you want to hang on to, to embrace for as long as circumstances allow. Continue reading