It’s coming, we just don’t want to think about it

Some jobs open your eyes when you least expect it.  You don’t run out on a gig looking to expand your view of the life circumstances which you face.  But then — it just happens.

I suppose it was inevitable on Michelle Thompson’s film.  She is, after all, an attorney specializing in Wills and Estates.  Death is a part of her business.  Whether you want to think about it or not, her expertise in this special area of law is relevant to all of us, for we are all set to leave this Earth at some point, leaving behind those we love.

Thompson’s story is something in and of itself, a complex and painful path she has had to walk to arrive at the point she is now.  She realizes the needs people have, and the fact that most if not all of us don’t want to think about those needs until we have to.

Producing her film was an honor but also a sobering reality check.  Point being, you need to be asking yourself the tough questions you don’t want to consider.  How will your loved ones be impacted, legally, when you die?  What happens to your assets?  How much say will the state be allowed to have in the matter?  Who would have custody of your children?

All these things we don’t want to think about.  Michelle Thompson seems to have perfected the art of making people comfortable in entering these discussions, ultimately coming up with a family plan that stands the test of time.

It was a challenging film to produce in that there’s not much in the way of visuals for this sort of topic.  Obviously I don’t want to show shots of a cemetery or crematorium when editing the video over her story.  Even though those shots are true to the topic, it just doesn’t fit the tone.  Thompson’s message is one of reassurance and thorough planning, to wholly protect those you love, even after you’ve passed away.

I believe we hit just the right tone with the script and video to help make Thompson’s story memorable to anyone who sees it, and to help paint her exactly as she seems to be: the perfect person to help shepherd families through this challenging time.

View Thompson’s film here.