We’re not happy unless you’re happy. Our clients’ testimonials are perhaps the most important link in the chain of our partnerships. We’ll let them tell you here why they not only loved what they received from McLeod Media, but also how they would come back for more if ever needed.

McLeod Media was able to succinctly, yet thoroughly convey my personal story that is the seed of the passion for my law practice.  They had a deep understanding of the message I want to convey, and the video is right on target.  After posting the film on my website and social media, within the first three weeks I had over 3,000 views.  Not only is my message being conveyed, but the video is bringing in clients.  I’ve had numerous clients tell me the film was the deciding factor in opting to work with me.  The process is very easy and well worth it!


It was a pleasure working with McLeod Media.  Their easy-going nature and charm were perfect for making our son Matthew comfortable in front of the camera.  They worked hard to capture the right shots, and spent a lot of time researching what college coaches wanted to see when reviewing student athletes.  The result was a video that shows the personality of our son and has enough technical substance to get a college coach interested.  With McLeod Media’s film as the lead publicity video, our son’s other videos of bullpens and games have all received more views as well.  Several college coaches have commented on how sharp the video is, and it has resulted in increased interest for our son to play at the next level.  A great product with great results!

When hiring McLeod Media to create a video, I had a specific message to convey.  As we began working together, they thoughtfully listened and succeeded in completely understanding the goal of the project.  From the scripting, planning and filming to the editing, they had a clear vision and executed it with passion and professionalism.  As a result, I received the gift of a film of which I am extremely proud that continues to serve me well.

We could not have been more pleased with the work McLeod Media did in developing the film to promote our book, Landscapes for the People: George Alexander Grant, First Chief Photographer of the National Park Service. Their enthusiasm for the project, keen interest and intuitive insights into the subject, easygoing interview style, and skillful video production and seamless editing resulted in a professional quality video that we have enjoyed sharing widely.  We look forward to working with McLeod Media to produce follow-up videos on our book, and possibly on other projects in the future.